Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Did I Create This Blog?

I created this blog for the sole purpose of giving my honest opinion of books I've read. This is a new adventure for me, I only started reviewing just a little while ago.  I'm amazed that I really like reading and giving my two cent worth of thoughts.  I've always liked reading, it allows me to get outside myself for a little while to discovering new worlds, were sometimes life can be a fairytale or  a little shop of horrors.  Each book that I read I must admit some I don't enjoy but in the end I'm glad that I read it.  They all in some way give me growth and understanding in the world of these talented authors. 
Just a note...I say to all reviewers, of all genres, if you would just take a step back and think about what you read, the author is giving you different ideas, a thought that they expressing that they want to share.  I say share away.  Embrace those books that are not your forte, you will be surprised that you were the better for reading them.  Remember you getting a treat, a glimpse of the author and the world in which they live. 
If your needing your book reviewed please email me for more information.  I'm currently reviewing for another site but I have no problem in taking on more reviews.  I review all and any genre, I'm not afraid! 
If you got this far then you have endured my ramblings, kudos to you!  So come and read my reviews I hope that you get inspired enough to pick up a book, hopefully something outside your comfort zone.  At this time I have only one post site what  you see now and those are from the site that I review from the other post site will be from author request made directly to me, in which I am working to get together.