Guideline - Review Policy

I’m here for the service of reviewing you prized possession, your published are soon to be published book.  Congrates to you. I’m pretty much open to anything. Hopefully after reading some of my reviews and reading over my guideline you feel that I can give an honest opinion then please fell free to send me an email so we can start the process as quickly as possible.  Email me at:

1) If I agree to review your book I will send you an email.  This is my contract to you.
2) I accept complimentary copies or a pdf of your book.                                                                
Copy:  After you have sent By The Book a complimentary review copy, I will contact you when I receive it. I will also send an email when I’m finished with it and ready to start reviewing.  When I’m ready to send you the review.

PDF:  If you send By The Book a pdf of your book, please do not send a partial version of  your book.  Sorry, but I need a complete copy.  This will not be accepted nor reviewed.  Please include the book in it's entirety. Thanks.

3)  I review short to full length books.  All genres are accepted for review.

4)  All my reviews are honest and to the point.  I am not promising anyone a positive review. My reviews are my opinion.

5) I guarantee that once I receive your book I will start on it as soon as possible.

6) To be as detailed in my review as possible I only review 1 book a month.

7) Email me as often as you like. You will get a response.  I will email you when:
   1. I receive your book
   2. When I began my reviewing
   3. When I’m done and reading to send the review

8) All reviews are 100% my own opinion.

ARC's: Your work is safe with me.  I do not abuse the trust an author puts in me by giving me a copy of the book your e-book files are not shared, and your ARC copies are not resold. 

I choose to use the site The Long And Short Of It rating system.
2  Stars - Not Wonderful, but tolerable. This is a book you would borrow from the library - not buy - and never check out again.
3  Stars - Good mostly enjoyable.  Made it through and didn't consider it a waste of time or money.
4  Stars - Very Good.  You were glad you were the one to review the book.
5  Stars - Great!  Would definitely buy the book.  You would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Disclosure:  In compliance with recently updated FTC Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials, etc., please be advised that By The Book! does not, by virtue of its reviews "endorse" or provide "testimonials" via its reviews.  My reviews are unbiased and objective critiques.  All of the books I receive are provided free of charge by various marketing sites, publishers and authors I aslo review books procured, from libraries and self-purchase.