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Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
Publisher: Harper Collins Publisher
Genre: Childrens
Length: (171)
Rating: 4 Stars

Meet Ottoline Brown and her best friend, Mr. Munroe. No puzzle is ever too tricky for the two of them to solve

"If you’re looking for a book that is a little more than the usual syrupy flair then this is not for you. Get ready for an odd trip of talking cats, dogs and something hairy called a Bog. 

This is the story of a little girl named Ottoline who has a passion for solving problems with the help of her friend, a short stout man who is completely covered with hair, "the small Hairy Bog Person", otherwise known as Mr. Monroe from Norway, where it always rain.

Ottoline by all accounts is an eccentric little girl who has a penchant for collections; whether it is her teapots, parent’s postcards are her odd one shoe collection.  Yes Ottoline always has something interesting to keep herself occupied.

To keep herself busy she's always on a never ending quest to solve the most unsolvable problems in her apartment building while taking care of Mr. Monroe. Ottoline finds comfort in her constant companion Mr. Monroe, who she’d known since a little child. Mr. Monroe helps Ottoline by comforting her and who also help her focus her thoughts and solve the everyday issues that crosses her path.
Eventually you do get to find out what the book is about, a burglary caper and its thief’s, a cast of crooks that steal but with a twist. On her mission to find the burglar Ottoline is at her best.  With the help of Mr. Monroe he becomes her Charley to her Chan.
There are many characters found in this book that are interesting.  Not only will you get to know Mr. Monroe but a hungry mouse named Robert and a bear that has a compulsion for stealing.
This is a sophisticated story for today’s kid who will enjoy the whimsical illustrations right down to the pretty little page turners. The story was an adjustment for me at first, so much to see and read, with the side notes and small little stories within the story that I was overwhelmed.  But after several pages into the book I was hooked.  I also love the little pinup notes
Being that this is the computer age were most kids have at least some type of electronic device I bet this will interest them enough to finish the book and probably make them smile."
Rating: 4 Stars Review date December 25, 2012

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